Operations & Maintenance

pictureBelow are the Operations of Beavercreek Township's Road Department and Maintenance Garage. Responsibilities include performing maintenance, repair and improvements for approximately forty four miles of township roads and road right-of-ways, which includes:

  • Snow and ice control
  • Pot hole repair
  • Pavement resurfacing program
  • Road mowing in right- of -ways
  • Tree trimming in right-of- ways
  • Right- of- way permits
  • Street signs
  • Ditch drainage
  • All township owned buildings that include five fire stations, fire administration, the township offices, and the Beavercreek library
  • Building maintenance
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Beaver cemetery
  • Funeral and burial services
  • Ground maintenance
  • 72 township vehicles including both fire and road along with various pieces of small equipment.
  • Curb and catch basin repairs

Grounds maintenance which includes mowing, trimming, landscaping and shelter maintenance for the following park:

  • Leist Park

The road/ maintenance department's goal is to provide timely service at a level, which permits safe vehicular access to any township owned street. Although most of the township roads are made up of subdivisions the following exceptions do apply:

  • Ankeney
  • Factory south of St. rt 35
  • Hilltop
  • Linebaugh
  • Shepard
  • Valley
  • Orchard
  • Routsong
  • Heller

All other access roads are maintained by:

Greene County Roads 937-562-7500

City of Beavercreek 937-427-5540

ODOT 937-372-3547 (Interstates 35 and 675)

For a list of Township Roads and what jurisdiction is responsbile for their maintenance, open the attachment below.