Welcome to Beavercreek Township

Welcome to the Beavercreek Township Website. Within this website you will find information about Beavercreek Township and its Departments, Divisions, Boards, and events. In addition, most activities, schedules, community events, legal notices, and department/board information are posted within the News and Announcement section, as well as on the Township calendar page.

As written by Frank B. Zink, "Beavercreek Township is one of the original four townships in this section of the state. It extended as far north as Lake Erie. It is a beautiful valley, fertile, well timbered, rolling and picturesque. It is noted for its fine farms. The high ridge separating Beaver Creek and Mad River is a particularly fine fruit section." Beavercreek Township encompasses 50 square miles of Greene County, and is bordered by Fairborn, Xenia, Sugarcreek, and Dayton.

Please contact Township Administration at (937) 429-4472 with any questions, concerns, or for more information. Thank you for visiting the Beavercreek Township Website.

Township Staff Quick Contact Information

Below is a Quick Contact Information list:

- Township Administration - 937.429.4472

- Road Department - 937.429.3672

- Fire Department - 937.426.1213

- Zoning Department - 937.306.0065

- Park Board - 937.429.4472

- Information Technology - 937.427.6565

- Human Resources - 937.426.1213

- Greene County Sheriff Beavercreek Sub-Station - 937.306.5055