pictureBelow are the Operations of Beavercreek Township's Road Department and Maintenance Garage. Responsibilities include performing maintenance, repair and improvements for approximately thirty miles of township roads and road right-of-ways, which includes:

  • Snow and ice control
  • Pot hole repair
  • Pavement resurfacing program
  • Road mowing in right- of -ways
  • Tree trimming in right-of- ways
  • Right- of- way permits
  • Street signs
  • Ditch drainage
  • All township owned buildings that include four fire stations, fire administration, the township offices, and the Beavercreek library
  • Building maintenance
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Beaver cemetery
  • Funeral and burial services
  • Ground maintenance
  • 47 township vehicles including both fire and road along with various pieces of small equipment.

Grounds maintenance which includes mowing, trimming, landscaping and shelter maintenance for the following parks:

  • Victory park
  • Leist park
  • Phillips park
  • Community park
  • Pershing (future park)
  • Gosinger (future park)

The road/ maintenance department currently is gearing up for the up coming winter season. Our goal is to provide timely service at a level, which permits safe vehicular access to any township owned street. Although most of the township road are made up of subdivisions the following exceptions do apply:

  • Ankeney
  • Factory south of St. rt 35
  • Hilltop
  • Linebaugh
  • Shepard
  • Valley
  • Orchard
  • Routsong
  • Heller

All other access roads are maintained by the Greene County Engineer or the City of Beavercreek.

Right of Way Statement

In consideration of Beavercreek Township granting a work permit to undertake work along, on or across a road right-of way or driveway, please complete the following applicable permit(s). All permits are in Adobe PDF format and open in their own browser window. For a free PDF reader, please view www.adobe.com. You may have to modify your pop-up rules in order to view the document..

The Road Department can provide assistance with ascertaining the correct permit and procedures required. Please call the Road Department at (937) 429-3672 for more information.