Important Message to Greene County Sewer and Water Customers

The Greene County Sanitary Engineering Department implemented a new billing software program. This program had technical difficulties which led to a delay in the issuance of bills. Bills were mailed out August 2, 2017. Your bill will cover both the June, July and August billing periods. The service usage for these three billing periods were combined. The June portion of this bill will be based on the meter readings obtained in May, while July & August usage were estimated. Please know penalties will not be charged for the current bill due August 31st. and we will not preform our normal disconnection for delinquent balances over $80.00 for the month of August and September. If full payment is not received by September 30, 2017 penalties will be applied to any delinquent balance and we will resume disconnection the month of October. NOTE: We are obtaining actual reading for August which will recalculate your reading and charges for your September bill. At that time if you were estimated high it will credit your account the cost difference of the usage ; if you were estimated low you will be charged for the difference. Your September bill will be mailed the first week of September and will include all unpaid balances due plus current charges for your September bill. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.