Nathan Hiester

Division Chief

Serving Since: 1999


Nathan Hiester started his fire service career in 1997 as a volunteer firefighter in his hometown of West Milton where he served for 5 years.   Nathan began working at Beavercreek Township Fire Department in 1999 as a part time firefighter and EMT.  In 2001, Nathan was hired as a career firefighter and paramedic and shortly after began participating with several projects including an update to the fire department’s communications system.  

Interdepartmental Achievements

Nathan was awarded the township trustee award in 2003 for his contributions to advancement of communications in the Miami Valley.  In 2006, Nathan was promoted to Lieutenant and continued participating in the communications of the fire department and the Miami Valley. 

Nathan has been recognized as part of several fire and EMS unit commendations, has received the meritorious service award for his work in communications, as well as the firefighter of the year ribbon for the township trustee award in 2003. Nathan is also a founding member of the department’s honor guard.

Ongoing Accomplishments