Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Zoning?

Zoning protects public health and welfare and promotes community character by organizing land into clearly defined districts based on the type and intensity of use. While land use planning uses broad categories, such as residential, commercial, and industrial, to separate different uses within a community, zoning further divides these categories into districts based on intensity. This separation of uses allows communities and individual neighborhoods to regulate growth and development and preserve community character. In addition to uses, zoning codes also regulate site layout and design details, including lot size; density; building placement, height, and bulk; setbacks; provision of adequate light and air; parking; landscaping; and signage. For a more detailed explanation of Zoning concepts, please visit this link from the Ohio Dept. of Health.

What projects require a permit?

Many residents are unaware that they are required to obtain a Zoning permit from the Township when completing various types of home improvement projects. The Township issues Zoning permits for:

- New homes (and driveways that connect to public roads)

- Accessory structures such as sheds, pool houses, and gazebos

- Additions to homes

- Decks

- Fences

- Swimming Pools

- Temporary Signs

In addition to residential projects, the Township issues Zoning permits to businesses. These include everything from a new building to replacing business signage.

How long will it take to process my permit application?

If permit applications are submitted correctly (please see the Zoning Homepage for instructions) then most permits will be processed and issued within 3-5 business day of our office receiving the associated permit application fee. Sometimes, a submitted project must be revised or did not include enough information. While our office strives to serve our community quickly and efficiently, revisions or other issues may result in a longer processing time.

What permits do I need to obtain when installing a swimming pool?

When installing a swimming pool, please refer to Article 18.23 of the Township’s Zoning Resolution for complete list of zoning requirements for swimming pools. Importantly, residents should be aware that any pool (in-ground or above-ground) must have some sort of vertical barrier surrounding it. Residents will require both a pool permit AND a fence permit when constructing a new pool, unless a fence that is at least five feet tall already exists.

Does the Township have a Property Maintenance Code?

Yes! The Township adopted the International Code Council’s Property Maintenance Code with Trustee Resolution #2018-263 in September of 2018. Copies of the code are available to view at the Township Administration Building or the Greene County Law Library.

Does the Township have any Architectural/Design Standards?

No. The Township does not currently have a codified set of design standards for buildings.

Do I need a permit to run a business out of my home?

Yes. Home occupations that will change the residential character of a lot must acquire a Conditional Use Permit through the Township’s Board of Zoning Appeals.

Does the Township enforce Home Owners’ Association (HOA) rules and covenants?

No. The Township’s Zoning Enforcement Officer does not have any legal authority to enforce any HOA rules or covenants. Each HOA is responsible for enforcing their own rules and covenants.

Does the Township enforce any Noise ordinances?

No. Beavercreek Township does not have any noise ordinances. Any complaints about noise should be directed to the Sheriff’s Office Non-Emergency Line: (937) 376-5111

Does the Township allow the keeping of chickens?

Yes! There are no zoning rules that prohibit the keeping of chickens for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes. If either chickens or eggs are sold or traded, the property owner will need to obtain a Home Occupation license.