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Public Records Request Form


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    1. Public Records Request 149.43
      Revised Code Section 149.43 provides that certain records maintained by Beavercreek Township must be available for inspection and upon request, be copied by the township. In order to ensure that your request for the review and duplication of public records is processed accurately and promptly, please complete the following form.
    2. Do you want copies of the material?
    3. If copies are requested, in what form do you want the copies?
    4. The township is entitled to be reimbursed its costs of duplicating the requested material. Do you understand that you may review the records at no cost, but that if you request the records to be copied, there will be a charge which must be paid before the records will be released to you?*

      Any associated charges may be paid via check, credit card, or E-Check (if paying by credit card, a convenience fee will be added to the total.  If paying by E-Check a flat rate of $1.75 will be added to the total).  CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED.