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Zoning Certificate Application

  1. Application Use

  2. Note

    New construction and additions require one complete set of construction drawings and sewage disposal system plans. Inspections must be requested by applicants.

  3. Building Information

  4. Required plans shall be drawn to scale, showing the actual dimensions and shape the lot, exact sizes and locations of existing buildings on the lot, and the location and dimensions of the proposed buildings or alterations.

  5. Type of lot

  6. Please give dimensions in feet by feet.

  7. Please give dimensions in feet by feet.

  8. Please give dimensions of the width and depth in feet.

  9. Please give dimensions in acres.

  10. Please give answer in regards to front, rear, and height by definition.

  11. Please give dimensions in feet.

  12. Please give dimensions in feet.

  13. Please specify which side of the yard and give dimensions in feet.

  14. Please give dimensions in feet.

  15. Please give dimensions in feet.

  16. Please give dimensions in feet.

  17. Structure design and area

  18. Basement?

  19. Basement:

  20. Car garage?

  21. Off street parking?

  22. New sewage permit required?

  23. BZA approval required?

  24. Surveyor certification required?

  25. I hereby certify that all of the information supplied in this application and attachments hereto are true and correct to the best of my knowledge, information and belief. I hereby consent to the inspection of the subject property and of any buildings or structures to be constructed thereon by the township zoning inspector. I hereby acknowledge that I understand that if the construction or use described in the zoning certificate has not begun within six months from the date of issuance, said zoning certificate shall become null and void.

  26. Upon the basis of your application the information contained within is made a part hereof the proposed usage and is found to be in accordance with the Township Zoning Resolution.

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